Five tips for girls to buy down jackets

July 15, 2019 0 By maggiechen

Winter weather is relatively cold, in such cold weather to say what clothes have better thermal performance, I believe many friends will say that down jacket, down jacket is an irreplaceable thermal armor, not only can not feel the cold outside, but also very fashionable, eyes. Looking at the approaching winter, I believe that many friends will start a down jacket to spend the winter. Choosing a down jacket with good quality and good format is also a few hundred yuan cheaper, but when buying down jacket, we must not only look better, but also pay more attention to the details above. Only by choosing the right down jacket, can we achieve the real warm and fashionable performance, so that we can make it more fashionable. You wear different fashions.

Not only winter down clothes, even when buying other clothes, I believe that many people prefer some down clothes with hats. Hats are also the first attraction of clothes. Down clothes with hats not only look very casual, but also have a good pattern. At present, clothes with hats are available. There are many kinds of hats, such as big-collar hats, simple and fashionable bathroom hats, color-bumping hats and so on. Winter or big-collar hats can be liked by people. Big-collar hats are also suitable for a wide range of people, whether they are thin or slightly fat women, big hair. The collar cap can be matched to be thin and warm. When you wear the cap, you will look small and protect your head. In winter, you can start with a down jacket like this.

The second element of down jacket should be the pocket, which is also a problem that people need to consider when buying clothes. The pocket is not only beautiful, but also can carry things. When they are going out, they don’t need to carry heavy bags in winter. And down jacket pockets are more, to say which three more popular words, then I have to say big pockets, oblique pockets and flip pockets, big pockets are more suitable for medium and long down jackets, when going out can simply be used as a package. And the oblique pocket is completely used to keep warm, let go is more comfortable. The design of turning pockets is very fashionable, and it can make clothes thinner. When looking at clothes, people can directly ignore the figure and see turning pockets. So it is a thinner artifact, and it is more elegant and fashionable.