Tips for cleaning down jackets

July 11, 2019 0 By maggiechen

In winter, when we wear down clothes, it’s really beautiful to wear, but after wearing it, we always wash it. When we wash it, I believe many people, the whole person is not very good. Today let’s talk about how we should wash down clothes in winter. Some people can’t wash, but they have entered a misunderstanding. It’s very bad to wash in this way.

Some people say that they have to wash by hand, while others say that washing machines are OK. In fact, I would like to say here that the washing machine is not washable, this is not the right way, and I will tell you the right way.

If your clothes aren’t dirty, you can’t see what they look like. They’re clean. At this point, you just need to use a towel, put a little detergent on the towel, and then wipe a little on your collar and sleeve, so that you can get rid of some dirty things, and then use a dry towel, and then wipe the place just wiped by the detergent again, and then you will put it on. Hang it outside. You can wear it later.

Twenty minutes later, you put some warm water, about 30 degrees, and then dry the clothes you just pulled out of the cold water, and then soak them in the 30 degrees water for ten minutes. After soaking, you twist it dry and take it out and spread it in a clean place. Let’s see if there’s anything else that’s not clean. If it’s not, just brush it with a brush. If not, then you can air it.