You don’t know the fashion of down jacket

July 10, 2019 0 By maggiechen

The first person to bring down clothes to the T stage was Charles James, an American designer. In 1937, inspired by feather bedding, James created a Quilted Satin Evening jacket. The rounded and soft shoulder lines of the jacket marked its superb cutting and shaping skills.

However, his “self-blackening” Quilted Satin Evening jacket, which does not favor this design, is only a fantasy of technical challenges and will not have any significant impact on fashion. Who knows that in the 1970s it shined brilliantly in Cult culture. A jacket made of parachute silk and filled with feather-like sleeping bags made designer Norma Kamari famous and took part in a fashion movement named “sandwich” across the sea in Italy.

In the early 1980s, American movies, sitcoms and comics “landed” in Italy and found an outlet for young Italians. They embrace the American way of life and pursue pleasure. This trend of young people, who are rich and idle, is quite different from the elegant Italian fashion. It can be seen from the name of Paninaro, which comes from the Italian fast food sandwich Panino.

Paninaro is not interested in delicate Italian slow food at all. They think American fast food is cool enough. They always wear bright yellow, green, orange and blue down jackets that are “out of proportion” to city life. They wear shirts or polo shirts, roll their jeans up to their ankles and show their rhubarb boots on their feet. They wear shiny Rolex Ditton on their wrists. There are even magazines of the same name to teach how to become a qualified young Pananao.