Fat will be easily got if you eat too much the same food

July 9, 2019 0 By maggiechen

Vegetarians also have fat people. Look at pig eight quit. A meat lover may also be a thin man. So don’t blame carbohydrate for getting fat, let alone quit carbohydrate for losing weight.

If you refuse to take in carbohydrate, your body will suffer from serious nutritional imbalance, and your immunity will decrease, which will easily lead to hair loss and gonorrhea. Reasonable carbohydrate supplementation can improve the vitality of the body, ensure the metabolic rate, and maintain the normal operation of the body.

More than half of the calories you consume every day come from carbohydrate, which is found in many snacks, fruits, vegetables and staple foods. And people who lose weight, carbon and water also have to choose the right, in order to make you not easy to gain weight.