High product quality is the foundation of brand

July 8, 2019 0 By maggiechen

Of course, the upgrade of brand and channel must be based on the upgrade of product itself. The high quality of product is the foundation of brand. In fact, Bosten’s success in the past was also due to his 43 years of dedication to down jackets. Each down jacket is made by 62 craftsmen and 150 processes.

In 2018, Bosten continued to increase the quality of fabrics, down, wool, accessories and production processes. At the same time, establish cooperation with top international raw materials suppliers, choose the same down clothing supplier as Moncler, use Goretex fabric, which is called “world cloth” and so on. In addition, in cooperation with international first-class scientific research institutions, breakthroughs have been made in product fabrics, functions and other aspects of R&D innovation.

To break through in the capital winter of 2018, Bosten once again showed that the most important thing for a company to achieve sustainable success is to find its own competitive advantage. For Bosten, blind diversification is not the way out when development is frustrated. The real way out lies in focusing on the main business and continuing to make breakthroughs in their professional qualities. From “Made in China” to “Created in China”, from the domestic market to the international stage, Bosten has won the trust of the global market and consumers by virtue of craftsmanship, professional strength and brand confidence.